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Upcoming Events

Season Kick Off Party
04-04-2015 6:00 pm
Fat Ass Friday: Saltese C.A.
04-10-2015 6:30 pm
SPS #1 Farragut State Park (5 &13.1 mile)
05-09-2015 9:00 am
Liberty Lake 8mile Trail Run
05-30-2015 9:00 am
SPS #2 Heyburn State Park (5 &13.1 mile)
06-13-2015 9:00 am
4th of July Ultra
07-05-2015 5:00 am

Trail Maniacs :: State Park Series

State Park Series (SPS)

Trail Maniacs State Park Series is a trail run point series, including 5 mile and half marathon distances.

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Trail Maniacs :: Trail Maps

Trail Maps

Like to run or MTB on trails? We've started adding local trails with discriptions.

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